01/03 Friday Morning Bible FrameWork


2014-01-03 (1) small

We continue to meet and fellowship over at Andrews house on Friday morning.  We are finishing up on the third part of Discipleship II.  We are also doing a detailed study of I Samuel.

Pray for this small fellowship as we continue to make the Bible our priority and build our relationship based in His word. 

01/02 More Connections (Wu Feng Wedding Connections)

This Saturday our family will go to a wedding in Wu Feng.  Elder Chen’s son is getting married.  In addition to being at Elder Chen’s son’s marriage, this will be a great opportunity to connect with others from different area churches.

Pray for this opportunity to build relationships with other church leaders and Pastors.  Pray for relationships established at this event to open doors for Mentoring Ministries at other local churches in our area. 

01/01 Jami’s Surgery (January 22)

Jami writes: During the surgery the following will be performed:

The Oncologist will remove my stint that was placed in a few months ago to bring the swelling down in my kidney also at that time he will cut away the blockage in my uterer tube between my bladder and kidney.

The Oncologist/Urololigist will cut away the lesion on my colon. He will also remove the mass on my bladder.

The OBGYN will remove the endometriosis growth in my body and the ovary that was left in last time will be removed..he said he will do what he can to make it clear out the existing  Endometriosis

Finally, I will be put on some progesterone to stop all hormonal growth…then my body will completely go into menopause.

Recovery time will be 8-10 weeks.

Please be praying for the doctors steady hand and Please be praying for me for healing. Be praying for Marc and Abbey as They take care of me.

Thank you for you prayers