12/21 Jami In the States (12/20-01/10)

Abbey and I gave Jami a Christmas present.  A trip back to the States to see family, friends, and church.  She will be there until January 10th.  She will be winding her way around the area, so if you see her, say hello.

Pray for her safety and protections.  Pray for strengthened relationships with family, friends and church.  Pray for her Spiritual Batteries to be recharged.

12/18 Nan Tou Pres, Church (D2)

This church continues to follow the Lord’s commandment.  We are coming to the overview, Two Kingdoms study.



But more importantly, they have just recently announce new Directions groups in their church.  I just heard, they will start three new groups next January (01/14), being lead by some of those of the original group.  Generation three, Praise the Lord.

Pray for this church.  The leadership/group members are on fire for the Lord.  

12/16 Tan Zi Holy Church (Compass/D2-Update)

Pastor Zhong and I continue to meet and work together.  Jami, Abbey and I went to his church for a Christmas outreach.

It was a fun time of some great music.  Their church has a great band and they often perform.  Tonight, they were going out to their neighborhood to carol.

Jia Ying (Pastor Zhong) is starting small groups down South.  He wants to take the ministry to his home area.  I will help anyway I can.  Their church is about to finish the Compass (D2) study.

Pray for his ministry, that it will be pleasing to the Lord and fruitful.

12/12 Tuesday NUTC ESL (Outreach)

Steve Calmess stepped up to the plate and took on this NUTC Administration provided opportunity to teach ESL weekly.  He has been doing a great job.

He also has a Bible study in an area Nursing School.

Steve and I both have access to the students and will in 2018, provide additional time using Directions to those students who have interest.  Between my classes and his outreach to the area, we want to invite believers/seekers to a Bible Culture small group.  Also know as a Directions group.

Pray for us as we invite student and prepare times for the coming Spring term.  Pray for the Lord to provide those who truly want to know Him and grow in His grace.

12/03 Sunday Evening Fellowship (Update)

We continued our celebration today, Sunday night.  We used the time to reach out to people we have been in contact with.  We had well over 60 people attend for Caroling, movies, story and games.  Many of these people were invented by Steve and Karen, pictured here.  They come from assorted ESL outreaches. Others were invited by Glennda, she is everywhere.  She also took care of setting up and organizing the whole time.

Others were invited by me, our Thursday night group participants.

It was also a place for all the old timer to come for fellowship and fund.

It was also a place for the young people to get together and enjoy American Traditions.

We continue our Weekly Directions study here, and are preparing many for the future.

Pray for their faithfulness and understanding to grow in Him.

12/03 Sunday Morning Fellowship (Update)

Today, we celebrated Christmas/Thanksgiving in our Sunday morning fellowship time.  We started with a simple message of Christ’s work on the Cross and broke up into eating groups.

The young people were hiding behind the Foosball table.

The ladies were taking advantage of the couch.

Abbey began her three day Birthday celebration.

And we all enjoyed a Turkey meal provided by the Calmes.  Finished off with some great traditional desserts(sp).

We are ready for our 2018 outreach.  Nelson will return in early 2018.  Already mentoring Alley, a new believer weekly.

Pray for the example of our lives to preach the Gospel. 

11/28 Monday NUTC Group (Change to Tuesday)

Last year we had a great presence on the NUTC campus.  We spent time weekly mentoring young Christians and teaching English at the same time.  Not in the last year’s picture on the right, is Lily, pictured on the left.  She was part of the group, but that day was not present.  Recently, she contacted me and wanted to continue her small group Direction study.  Apparently, she is staying at NUTC for two more years in the additional 2 year English program.

Steve Calmes and I are working to find other believers through Classes and Free ESL provided times.  Next year, 2018, we will start to announce additional English time outside the normal programs and will be labeled Bible Cultural studies.  Our material, Directions.  Lily will be used to help in these areas.

Pray for her to continue to strengthen her Faith, to reach her family, friends and local church with the message of Discipleship.

11/26 Kee Long Shan Hai Church (Update)

I made the trip to Kee Long today.  I met Joseph Huang and his wife when I arrived.  Remember, he is the Gideon Director of Taiwan/Asia.   I was immediately introduce to the leader of the Church.  I found out that the church does not have a Pastor, but several individuals lead.

I explained to the leadership my approach.  I would preach a message on the Ministry of Reconciliation, then encourage them to attend a fellowship meeting afterwards for a Directions Introduction.

During the preaching time, Joseph translated for me, and we made it a interactive type service, encouraging them to write down the definition of the Gospel.  At the end of the service, I had them all share their definitions.  It became apparent that there was a need for Discipleship in the church.

We had a good turnout for the introduction.  Those who attended received a free Directions translation.  I showed them the format of the book and how easy it was to use for mentoring.  We then started the study, allowing each individual to help.

They came to the conclusion they wanted to continue.  I will make a trip up there once or twice a month, to help get them started.

Pray for this new start.  They have the heart, but lack a good tool to mentor with.  Pray for their commitment, there were several couples who really had a lot of interest.


11/25 Pastor Jia In Zhong (Gao Xiong New Connection)

Pastor Zhong and I have begun to work together more and more.  We spend time on Tuesday, preparing what we call D3, How to prepare a sermon, based on some Shepherd school material.  We will use this study to help prepare some of his church members after they finish D2.   Also, we work together in the Taichung Prison.  Preparing Discipleship studies for the inmates.

Often, Pastor Zhong returns to his home town Ping Dong, in the South.  Recently in Ping Dong, he has had some interest in the Discipleship material and how to administer it.  He indicated to me that he will visit next week to establish three new Discipleship groups.  I have told him, I can help.  So we decided to make this a joint effort, sharing the responsibility of establishing the ministry.

Pray for him, as he presents the ministry next week, that he would clearly explain the need.  Pray for those who attend, to realize their need to prepare for others to grow in Christ.