11/26 Kee Long Shan Hai Church (Update)

I made the trip to Kee Long today.  I met Joseph Huang and his wife when I arrived.  Remember, he is the Gideon Director of Taiwan/Asia.   I was immediately introduce to the leader of the Church.  I found out that the church does not have a Pastor, but several individuals lead.

I explained to the leadership my approach.  I would preach a message on the Ministry of Reconciliation, then encourage them to attend a fellowship meeting afterwards for a Directions Introduction.

During the preaching time, Joseph translated for me, and we made it a interactive type service, encouraging them to write down the definition of the Gospel.  At the end of the service, I had them all share their definitions.  It became apparent that there was a need for Discipleship in the church.

We had a good turnout for the introduction.  Those who attended received a free Directions translation.  I showed them the format of the book and how easy it was to use for mentoring.  We then started the study, allowing each individual to help.

They came to the conclusion they wanted to continue.  I will make a trip up there once or twice a month, to help get them started.

Pray for this new start.  They have the heart, but lack a good tool to mentor with.  Pray for their commitment, there were several couples who really had a lot of interest.


11/25 Pastor Jia In Zhong (Gao Xiong New Connection)

Pastor Zhong and I have begun to work together more and more.  We spend time on Tuesday, preparing what we call D3, How to prepare a sermon, based on some Shepherd school material.  We will use this study to help prepare some of his church members after they finish D2.   Also, we work together in the Taichung Prison.  Preparing Discipleship studies for the inmates.

Often, Pastor Zhong returns to his home town Ping Dong, in the South.  Recently in Ping Dong, he has had some interest in the Discipleship material and how to administer it.  He indicated to me that he will visit next week to establish three new Discipleship groups.  I have told him, I can help.  So we decided to make this a joint effort, sharing the responsibility of establishing the ministry.

Pray for him, as he presents the ministry next week, that he would clearly explain the need.  Pray for those who attend, to realize their need to prepare for others to grow in Christ.

11/22 Kee Long (New Connection)

This weekend I will travel to Kee Long in the North of Taiwan to preach and present Directions in Joseph Huang (Executive Director) of the Gideon organization here in Taiwan.

Our plan is to present a philosophy of discipleship sermon and introduce the ministry to 20+ church members.  Then, I will show them how to use the material.

Pray for open hearts and faithfulness of the church members.   Pray for Joseph, he will translate.   Pray for me, clarity of speech and sensitivity to the situation. 

11/16 Jia Yi Small Group (Final)

Today was the last day we met, finishing up the D2 study.  It has been over three years of off and on contact with the leaders of this church.  Deacon Lin to the left, Pastor Wang and his wife.

They are in plans to start Directions groups in their church.

Pray for them as they begin to find the right methods for their church body.  Pray for opportunities for them to start small groups.

10/28 NUTC Student Camp

Steve Calmes and I attended a weekend camp with many of the students we connect with during the Summer camps.  They needed a teacher to participate and we got a weekend camping trip.

Pray as we build relationships with the students at NUTC.  Steve now leads an Tuesday ESL time, I teach a few ESL classes, and connect with students as I bump into them.  Will be starting a mentoring small group soon.

Pray for continued connect with students.  Pray for opportunities to share our Christian faith.

10/27 Family Update

Abbey has been part of the Girls Basketball team in her High-school.  With all the pressure of Language, Science, Math and Chemistry, she finds time to participate.

We are proud of our daughter.  She is accomplishing the (unheard of) in Taiwanese culture.  A Western foreigner coming through the Taiwanese Public School system and graduating.

Pray for her as she balances many different hats, including the participation in the mentoring of her close friend Alley.  

10/26 Nepal Directions (Kathmandu Directions TEAM)

Spoke to Mahesh today and he indicated he will be visiting churches where we have presented the Directions ministry.

Hard to believe almost thirty different locations with well over 1000 participants.

Mahesh and Amrita continue their effort to reaching out to different locations.  They are now selling the Directions books at the cost of printing.

Mahesh also continues the effort of translation the D2 manuel.  He is close to completing the effort.  This is just a part of their ministry in Nepal, and we are blessed to work with them.  They continue to identify new locations for workshops, so your participation is needed.  Help them reach their country through workshops that you can sponsor.

Pray for their health, and life needs.  Pray for their travel safety.


10/25 Taiwan Wednesday Gideon Organization Office Small Group (Update)

This group has been independent for quite some time.  They are about ready to finish the 14th lesson.  Joseph, the Asian district leader was not their today, but in a prior discussion, he has indicated they want to take the next step, D2.

They have had some new employees join the team, and I am personally getting the started.

If you remember, these individuals represent many different churches in the Taichung area.  They also visit many during the year.  Remember, this is an investment for the future.

Pray for their faithfulness and their willingness to share the ministry with other church leaders as they have opportunity. 

10/20 Taiwan Taichung City (New Connection)

10/13 Pastor Zhong and I made a Directions ministry to Pastor Liu and his wife.  We showed them techniques and how to use the material.  This week we returned to help him get his first group established.

It consisted of five individuals, Pastor, his wife, and a mother and two daughters.  It went well and we will continue to help establish the group over the coming weeks.

Pray for Pastor Liu and his wife to catch the vision through the participants testimony.  Allow God to show them the importance of complete assurance in Christ.

10/11 Nepal Directions (Central Region Update)

While in Kathmandu, we caught up with Simon.  Jami spoke a little about him in our 10/10 Nepal Family Update.

Back in October of 2016, Steven Calmes went a day earlier than I and did a workshop in Pastor Simon Poudel’s church.  That day there were 10 people present.

Simon indicated to me, that in his church, he continues to lead his church group of about seven people through the study.  He also mentioned to me, since 2016, he has start two other groups.  They are sister churches of his.  One group has 9 individuals and the other has 11.

He mentioned he needed 30 additional books so I agreed to purchase half for him.  He said he would purchase the other 15.

He also indicated he wanted to return to the foothills of Mtn Everest for a Directions workshop.  Again, we need your help in this area.  As we receive monies to reach these areas,  we schedule trips over a week to ten days to visit.  We cover our own costs, and use the money to buys books, pencils, erasers, and provide a meal.

Pray for Simon as he continues to implement the ministry in his sphere of influence.  Pray for more support for additional trips.