11/22 Kee Long (New Connection)

This weekend I will travel to Kee Long in the North of Taiwan to preach and present Directions in Joseph Huang (Executive Director) of the Gideon organization here in Taiwan.

Our plan is to present a philosophy of discipleship sermon and introduce the ministry to 20+ church members.  Then, I will show them how to use the material.

Pray for open hearts and faithfulness of the church members.   Pray for Joseph, he will translate.   Pray for me, clarity of speech and sensitivity to the situation. 

11/16 Jia Yi Small Group (Final)

Today was the last day we met, finishing up the D2 study.  It has been over three years of off and on contact with the leaders of this church.  Deacon Lin to the left, Pastor Wang and his wife.

They are in plans to start Directions groups in their church.

Pray for them as they begin to find the right methods for their church body.  Pray for opportunities for them to start small groups.

10/28 NUTC Student Camp

Steve Calmes and I attended a weekend camp with many of the students we connect with during the Summer camps.  They needed a teacher to participate and we got a weekend camping trip.

Pray as we build relationships with the students at NUTC.  Steve now leads an Tuesday ESL time, I teach a few ESL classes, and connect with students as I bump into them.  Will be starting a mentoring small group soon.

Pray for continued connect with students.  Pray for opportunities to share our Christian faith.

10/26 Nepal Directions (Kathmandu Directions TEAM)

Spoke to Mahesh today and he indicated he will be visiting churches where we have presented the Directions ministry.

Hard to believe almost thirty different locations with well over 1000 participants.

Mahesh and Amrita continue their effort to reaching out to different locations.  They are now selling the Directions books at the cost of printing.

Mahesh also continues the effort of translation the D2 manuel.  He is close to completing the effort.  This is just a part of their ministry in Nepal, and we are blessed to work with them.  They continue to identify new locations for workshops, so your participation is needed.  Help them reach their country through workshops that you can sponsor.

Pray for their health, and life needs.  Pray for their travel safety.


10/20 Taiwan Taichung City (New Connection)

10/13 Pastor Zhong and I made a Directions ministry to Pastor Liu and his wife.  We showed them techniques and how to use the material.  This week we returned to help him get his first group established.

It consisted of five individuals, Pastor, his wife, and a mother and two daughters.  It went well and we will continue to help establish the group over the coming weeks.

Pray for Pastor Liu and his wife to catch the vision through the participants testimony.  Allow God to show them the importance of complete assurance in Christ.

09/08 Tai Ping Small Group (New Connection)

Annie, from SYME, introduced me to a small women’s group interested in starting the Directions ministry.  Today was the second time we met, after an introduction last Saturday.  There are two members in this group currently, and I am taking time in the initial stages to encourage and promote their own group.

These women are from an area church, where Annie initially tried to help them start a mentoring ministry, but ran into some opposition.  They decided to meet in an area home.

Pray for their faithfulness, as you know, this type of ministry have many people start but few finish.


09/06 Yuan Lin Leadership Group (Update)

From right to left, Missionary Linda Huang, Deacon Gao, Xin Hong, and I continue our study through Compass(D2).  We have been meeting for over a year.

Linda has a Ministry through her office to the community.  From counseling to benevolent services.   She also has four Directions groups.

Deacon Gao is a leader in CBC Baptist Church.  He has a large Bible study he does on Mondays.  I meet him in our initial Directions study in his local church.  he also invest a lot of energy into Xin Hong life.

Xin Hong, who is about to complete his Directions study with me, has already started other small groups.

This group of individuals are making a large impact in their community and local church.

Pray for all of them as they continue to invest God’s word into other believers lives.  Pray for more opportunities for them, as they help establish mentoring ministries with others they encounter.


09/05 Pastor Jia In Zhong (3rd Generation)

Hey, do you remember, Pastor  Zhong? I have known Jia In Zhong for well over three years.  We connected several times, then finally decided to get together and start a one-on-one Directions group.  We then continued on to D2 and now we are reviewing How to prepare a sermon, Homiletic’s.

Zhong Jia In is currently Pastoring Elove Church in Tan Zi.   It is a church for an Aboriginal outreach but they are there for everyone.   Currently in his church, he is leading his leaders through D2.  He has caught the vision. He is involved in many other ministry’s.

Friday Evening:  D2 study in his church. 13 individuals

Sunday Afternoon: two small groups.  One is a Directions group 1:30, the other is 3:00 meeting where he meets a couple preparing to get married.

Every day 5:30AM:  Directions groups with a a couple.

Every Evening 21:00PM: He has his second generation female church member, Chao Yi, who Disciples another one to one.

Every Evening 21:00PM: He has his second generation son, Wei Ming, who leads the other son.

Pray for his ministry at the local church.  His request is that you pray for all he comes in contact with to better understand truth.  He often introduces Directions/D2 to other Pastors.


08/23 Eunice Yang (3rd Generation-Yuan Lin)

Eunice Yang currently has a small group in Yuan Lin.  Her daughter, Jamie, and her have been leading this group for several months.  The both came from the first Yuan Lin small group several years ago.

The Lord has got a hold of her and her daughter, as they, with authority, lead others from several different churches.

I often visit their group, to attend, not to lead.

Pray for these two as they continue the Great Commission in their part of Taiwan.  Pray for fruit to spawn from her small group. 

08/08 Jane Huang (3rd Generation)

Do you all remember Jane Huang who came to visit last year with us?  Well, the Lord has been using her here in Taiwan at her local church, Taizhong Baptist Church.

This post is a little late, she had started this group many months ago.  She is fulfilling the Ministry of Reconciliation where ever she can.   She indicated to me that one of the young men, because of the mentoring process, committed to getting Baptized.  I am proud of her, but more importantly, she will be able to give Glory to God in the future through her commitment to Christ.  Jane has also been a faithful participant during the Sunday night bible study.  I am not sure how many have continued the process, but I am sure she is ready to lead.

Pray for her as she mentors others.  Pray for her testimony and her influence in her local church.