01/25 Jami’s Surgery (09:40)

Yesterday Jami had a bit of normal come her way.  Great to have your hair washed.

2014-01-24 small

She also had many visitors come an eat bread and chat.  Had some old friends who came to visit. Yesterday had many visitors come, and it wore her out.

2014-01-24 (3) small

Jami had a great night sleep.  Thanks Jenny.

Stacy will be coming next Monday evening.  Jami will check out of the hospital Monday am.

Keep praying.

01/24 Jami’s Surgery (15:00)


2014-01-24 (2) small

I am thankful that a good friend Cindy came to sit with Jami.

Things are moving quite fast today.  The Doctor told Jami yesterday they would remove the abdomen tub Saturday.  Bright and early today (Friday) they removed the tub, then were encouraging her to get out of bed.  She did the tub thing but waited until afternoon with trusted friends to walk out to the nurses station.  As she was walking, they changed the bed sheets.  The Doctor returned to tell her she could go home Saturday.  wow.

We opted for Monday to leave, Praise the Lord, thanks for all of your prayers.

It is because of your supplications things have come to be.

Jami will return home Monday, and Stacy  will join us for some good old fashion American Home Health care.

Keep praying

01/23 Jami’s Surgery (08:00)

It was a long night but she is on the mend.

Spoke to the Urologist late last night and found out they had to retract the blocked ureter, then reattach to the bladder in another position.  Another stent was placed for healing.  Two weeks with a catheter.

The bladder had a nodule removed will need to follow up on this

Nothing was done to the lesion in her large intestine.

Keep praying 

01/22 Jami’s Surgery (17:30) Out of Surgery

Well the OBYN did surgery for over 4 hours and removed the final portions of Jami’s  uterus and ovaries.  He also removed the hormonal growth from those organs.  Now that the estrogen producing organs have been removed, there should be no more growths caused by the estrogen.  The Doctor showed me the removed parts.

The second doctor had to deal with three other items.  He spent an hour and a half.  I have not heard back from the second Doctor.

She spent an hour in post recovery, now is resting, actually snoring.

Keep praying

01/21 Jami’s Surgery (Update 17:48)

Jami checked into the hospital at 13:00 and is in her room.  Glennda came for a visit and brought a Taiwan delicacy, Crispy Cream Donuts.

2014-01-19 (3) small

The doctor came at 17:00 and spoke with her concerning Wednesday’s schedule.  Liu Bao Church will visit tonight.  Abbey and I will return in the morning about 7:30 for surgery schedule for 10:00 am.

Continue to pray

01/21 Jami’s Surgery

Today we will go early and get with some friends to translate the paperwork for the hospital.  Richard and Clare Bean have been with us in the past surgeries, Clare’s ability to translate is tremendous.  They are our faithful backup in the hospital area.

Jami should enter the hospital today, this afternoon, and will start the pre-surgery activities.  Tonight, she will stay in the hospital before tomorrow’s surgery.

Continue to pray for the doctors, staff, helpers and our family as we near the surgery time.  We all need wisdom to deal with any situation and for God to use our testimony for those who do not know Him.