02/16 Nan Tou Holy Church (New Start)

2014-02-16 a small

A week ago, Jerald asked if could go with him to visit a church in Nan Tou.  He had a good friend (Peter-not in picture) who indicated an interest in different small group methods.  There were Deacons, the new Pastor, ministry leaders as well a new believer.

This week Jerald gave me and the ministry an introduction and I must say, Jerald and his wife did the introduction very well.  Through their testimonies, they help the participants understand the need for the mentoring process in every believers life.  Being a foreigner, I can ask  questions others in the Taiwan culture can not.  Jerald played into this well.  It was a blessing to work with a like-minded view.

Pray this church as they invite other church members for the first small group meeting based within Directions.  Pray for their hearts and minds to be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit through Gods’ Word.  Pray for my return trip next week, more for support.

02/15 17th Wedding Anniversary (Good New/Bad News)

Well today is Jami and I’s 17th wedding anniversary. 


The Good News:  I am married to an amazing women who puts up with me.

The Bad News:  If I do not get her something nice, Stacy/Misty is going to beat the snot out of me.

The Good News:  I can use the web to find out the appropriate gift.

The Bad News:  Shells are hard to find in Taiwan.

The Good News:  There is an modern alternative to the shells, furniture.

The Bad News:  What furniture should I buy, we need everything.

The Good News:  Last year I bought new mattress, ours is 15 years old.

The Bad News:  It is on first floor, we live on second, Jami can not help.

The Good News: Abbey could help me move it to the second floor.

The Bad News: Our current bed on second floor is a different size.

The Good News: We have a used bed on third floor.

The Bad News:  How do I move it down?  Abbey could help.

The Good News:  We could get the mattress and bed on the second floor.

The Bad News:  I have no sheets that fits American mattress purchased at Costco.

The Good News:  I have been married for 17 years to Jami.

No more bad news: 

Praise the Lord for 17 years with Jami. 

New mattress has been delivered.

02/14 Involuntary Missions


You take the opportunity when it is given.  We have all heard how difficult it is to reach the Japanese.  God is a great God and will provide you with opportunities if you are looking for them.  This term I was asked by one of the Language Department Teachers to teach 4 hours of Basic English to guess what, Japanese students?

2014-02-13 (2)

In addition to the Japanese students, there are Taiwanese students who are helpers for these special eight week English/Chinese course for a sister university within Japan.

Pray for this opportunity to the people of Japan as well as the language students in the Chinese department.  Pray for relationship to be established to share His word.


02/13 Yuan Lin Small Group (Getting a Balance)

Tonight we had a special time with Doug and Ching Yu from USA Great Commissions Ministries.  They shared a ministry  evaluation method to a small group full of Sunday School teachers.

2014-02-13 (27) small

Needless to say, it went well.  Because of the dynamics of this group, fervent discussion followed a brief introduction.  We all look forward to seeing them in the future.

Thanks Doug and Ching Yu.  Praise the Lord for your time and effort.

02/12 Yuan Lin Small Group (Visiting Friends)

Pray for our time in Yuan Lin at this small group.  We have some good friends (Doug and Ching Yu) coming from the States to present leadership principles to the small group.  They will present a tool for character development, not only in themselves but in those they mentor.  Pray that the members of the small group will open their hearts to hear what Doug and Ching Yu have to share.

02/11 Liu Bao ESL Outreach

Tonight we had a large group kicking off the new semester.  Marc Pommier and I led the group for a quick review after a long one month break.  It was good getting back with everyone.

Pray for this group to start to invite new friends.  Pray for Marc Pommier as he begins to participate with this group.  Pray for the opportunity to share life.