09/06 Yuan Lin Leadership Group (Update)

From right to left, Missionary Linda Huang, Deacon Gao, Xin Hong, and I continue our study through Compass(D2).  We have been meeting for over a year.

Linda has a Ministry through her office to the community.  From counseling to benevolent services.   She also has four Directions groups.

Deacon Gao is a leader in CBC Baptist Church.  He has a large Bible study he does on Mondays.  I meet him in our initial Directions study in his local church.  he also invest a lot of energy into Xin Hong life.

Xin Hong, who is about to complete his Directions study with me, has already started other small groups.

This group of individuals are making a large impact in their community and local church.

Pray for all of them as they continue to invest God’s word into other believers lives.  Pray for more opportunities for them, as they help establish mentoring ministries with others they encounter.


08/08 Jane Huang (3rd Generation)

Do you all remember Jane Huang who came to visit last year with us?  Well, the Lord has been using her here in Taiwan at her local church, Taizhong Baptist Church.

This post is a little late, she had started this group many months ago.  She is fulfilling the Ministry of Reconciliation where ever she can.   She indicated to me that one of the young men, because of the mentoring process, committed to getting Baptized.  I am proud of her, but more importantly, she will be able to give Glory to God in the future through her commitment to Christ.  Jane has also been a faithful participant during the Sunday night bible study.  I am not sure how many have continued the process, but I am sure she is ready to lead.

Pray for her as she mentors others.  Pray for her testimony and her influence in her local church. 

08/04 Discipleship 2 (Ongoing Ministries)

As of this month we have four ongoing D2 plants in four cities.

Monday afternoon, we have a group of 12 individuals in Nantou City Southeast of Taichung.  Current progress, starting Phase two.  I have a friend in this group who is helping with the new D2 translation.

Wednesday afternoon, we have a group of three individuals in Yuanlin City, South of Taichung, we are closing in on the final Phase, phase four.

Thursday morning, Pastor Wang and a deacon in Jia yi City, will finish the third phase soon.

Friday night, Pastor Zhong and 10 church members continue their D2 study.  They have just began phase three.

James and Aihua continue to connect with this Friday night group.  As you remember, they were instrumental in the D2 training at Taichung Shen Church.

Pray for individuals to catch the vision of this training.  Pray for more opportunities in the future.  pray for the finalize version of Compass and the New version of D2.  D2 being an outline version of Compass. 

07/30 Moving (Thank You)

Through the help and prayers of many individuals we have located and moved into our new home.  The whole process started with Gloria, wanting to buy some property to rent back to us.  We looked at many different locations, but nothing jumped out.

Next, a good friend Richard and his wife Claire, did a little research and located some rental properties.  Richard and I went to visit the first property, but the key was broken, and we could not get in.

We decided to see the second property and it was exactly what we were looking for.  Two bedrooms with a spacious living/dinning area next to an American sized kitchen.

Richard encouraged me to put a deposit down and today Jami and Abbey came to see.  The following day we signed the contract.  We moved our stuff the following week with help from a Dear Pastor Friend, Pastor Zhong.

Abbey is about 12 minutes away from school by bus.  We are now located in a city environment.  Every place in Taichung is now accessible either by walking or by bus.  It is also very convenient for having guests over.  We have already had several visitors.

Pray for us as we start a new chapter in our Ministry here in Taiwan.  Pray for Abbey as she prepares, through Taiwanese High School, her personal future.

07/14 ESL Camp (Final)

This year we had approximately 10 Americans help with a camp of 40 students.  As usual, we were on campus and taught basic conversational methods, helping non-English department students, who want to increase their English abilities.

Classroom activities not only included conversation,


but also games.


We ended up with some games and line dancing at the end.

Pray for connections, that we can further our relationships with these students this year.   

07/13 NTCUST ESL Groups (New Connection)

During the second camp, I had an opportunity to speak to the man in charge of ESL Groups on campus.  Since Glennda, who has had ESL groups on campus for years, will be leaving this coming year, we (Steve Calmes and I) have been giving the opportunity to lead all such groups in the future.

What does this mean?  We have already scheduled a ESL group on Tuesday nights from 5:30-7:00 PM.  When Steve returns, we will create some more additional groups and connect with students in additional ways.

Pray for this opportunity, to allow us to reach those who have a desire to know more about the Christian faith.  Pray for helpers, such as David Allan, etc., that we will create a network of groups for the furtherance of the Gospel.  

07/11-13 Abbey (Update)

07/11 The school selection process results were released.  Abbey will be attending Shin Min High school.  It is a private-public school located in Taichung, ironically, near NTCUST.  Yea, it was the school she was hoping for,

07/13 She went to her first introduction meeting.  Jami was running the second camp, and Ab and I had her first breakfast in the neighborhood.

She will begin a two week summer course in all subjects starting 07/11 and ending 08/11.

She has many friends who will also attend, making the change easier.

Pray for her testimony to the other students.  Pray for smooth sailing through the general courses she will be taking this year. 

07/08 2017 CE Camp (Final)

We finished the 2017 CE Camp today.  A total of 72 participants, of which, 54 were students.  This was a great opportunity to establish relationships for the coming year.  Steve Calmes and I will start several campus ESL outreaches this year on the NTCUST campus.

Saturday 07/01, the camp began in Taipei at three rented Hostels.  We divided the students into men and women facilities.  The first night was to make sure all our overseas visitors along with the students made it to town.

Sunday morning, we visited Pastor Hong’s Shuang He Baptist church for a morning service and a meal.

Doug Brown spoke and many people shared their testimonies.

Pastor Hong made us feel very comfortable along with the church members.


Sunday afternoon, we took two buses to the East coast where we spent the night in Hualien in two hotels.  That night many of us went to the Aboriginal night market,

where we ate some very interesting things.


The next morning, Monday, we headed South by bus to a major white-water river, where we floated for five hours.  After the float, we returned to Taipei.

Tuesday, we began our four day tour of Taipei.

The student lead us in groups, all we had to do is keep up.  This lasted four days and it included visiting major hot spots in the Taipei area.  Each group went to different places each day.

We really never knew what we would see on any given day.

Our mode of transportation most of the time was by Metro Rail Transportation.

Friday, we all went to the National Palace Museum.


It was a fun time, made a lot of new friends, but most importantly, had the opportunity to share our lives with non-believers.

Pray for the students as they recount their trip over the Summer and reconnect with the visiting Americans.  Pray for more contact this year, as we reach out through ESL activities on Campus.  

I can not begin to thank those visiting Americans, without them, it would not have been possible.  Also, a special thanks to Wendy, who coordinated everything.

06/25 Sunday Morning Fellowship (Update)

Our Sunday morning fellowship continues to see more and more visitors.  Nelson and I are leading while Steve is back in the states.  We are still working through the process, but we are already seeing stable attendees.

Pray for us as we prepare for the fall, where we will become more systematic in our outreach.  Pray for us as leaders, that we prepare what the Lord wants to convey.  

06/23 Tan Zi Love Church (Compass/D2-Update)

Pastor Zhong and the leaders of his local church continue to study through D2.  They are making good progress.  Pastor Zhong is coming up with his own way of teaching and we are learning from him.

James and Ai Hua have joined this group.  If you remember, they were instrumental in the training of Taizhong Holiness church.  Though the church has finished, James and Ai Hua continue to be part of the process in other locations.

Pray for Tan Love Church as they continue the coaching process through understanding the Bible.  Pray for Pastor Zhong’s future involvement in the ministry, taking it to other locations in the future.  Also pray for James and Ai Hua as they continue to improve their their discernment to do the same.