10/25 Taiwan Wednesday Gideon Organization Office Small Group (Update)

This group has been independent for quite some time.  They are about ready to finish the 14th lesson.  Joseph, the Asian district leader was not their today, but in a prior discussion, he has indicated they want to take the next step, D2.

They have had some new employees join the team, and I am personally getting the started.

If you remember, these individuals represent many different churches in the Taichung area.  They also visit many during the year.  Remember, this is an investment for the future.

Pray for their faithfulness and their willingness to share the ministry with other church leaders as they have opportunity. 

10/11 Nepal Directions (Central Region Update)

While in Kathmandu, we caught up with Simon.  Jami spoke a little about him in our 10/10 Nepal Family Update.

Back in October of 2016, Steven Calmes went a day earlier than I and did a workshop in Pastor Simon Poudel’s church.  That day there were 10 people present.

Simon indicated to me, that in his church, he continues to lead his church group of about seven people through the study.  He also mentioned to me, since 2016, he has start two other groups.  They are sister churches of his.  One group has 9 individuals and the other has 11.

He mentioned he needed 30 additional books so I agreed to purchase half for him.  He said he would purchase the other 15.

He also indicated he wanted to return to the foothills of Mtn Everest for a Directions workshop.  Again, we need your help in this area.  As we receive monies to reach these areas,  we schedule trips over a week to ten days to visit.  We cover our own costs, and use the money to buys books, pencils, erasers, and provide a meal.

Pray for Simon as he continues to implement the ministry in his sphere of influence.  Pray for more support for additional trips.

10/11 Nepal Directions (Western Region Update)

I received this update from Dinesh from the Western Region of Nepal back in September.  He has one man Pastor Prem who introduces and helps churches associated with his mentoring ministry.  They are taking the fight to their own people.

He writes:  Dear brother Marc

Jaya Masihi

Pastor Prem did a good job.  I handover 100 Direction book to him.  He did Direction training to the 15 Pastors in Nepalgunj City Pastors Fellowship.  He is planning to introduce Direction to the Banke Youth Fellowship next month.

We want to bring TCT in Bardiya, Kailali and Surkhet district.  If possible, we will bring TCT to Jumla and Humal, Mountain District of Mid-western region.  We need to fly.

We need your help in this area.  As we receive monies to reach these areas,  we schedule trips over a week to ten days to visit.

Pray for my health.  I am suffering from Bronchitis Asthma and back pain.  First pat to u 9 Understanding your Bible and send you this Sunday.  

10/10 Family Nepal Trip

Earlier this year we had planned to make a trip to Nepal as a family.  We had to cancel due to some Passport issues.

Well from 10/06-10/10 our family made the trip.  We spent time with our hosts and their family members.

From left to right:  Mahesh’s son , Mahesh, the taxi driver, Jami, Abbey, Amrita and Rati, Mahesh’s wife.

Jami immediately connected with all of them in ways I could never.  She shares the following:

Our Trip to Nepal was an eye opener….

As we were preparing for our trip to Nepal I took a moment and asked God What is the purpose of this trip? I also asked what do you want Me to do?  I kept thinking … Marc already has so many connections and established friendships… Would I feel left out or disconnected.. I worried..So I started this dialogue with God..I asked him to help me to get out of His way…And to be used by him in any way he wanted to use me.

From the day we arrived to the day we left I felt like God knitted hearts together for future ministry opportunities. I even felt sad to leave me new friends behind.

I want to share one story from the trip

The last morning we were in Nepal we had a chance to have breakfast with a sweet couple that recently lost a baby.

Sometimes when we are in situations where we dont know how to help someone cope in situations like these…,”We listen”…And ” Be with ” and God gives us the right words to say. I’m so thankful for being sensitive to the holy spirits leading. God taught me so many things through this trip, actually I’m still recalling things he taught me. Letter from Jami’s perspective.

Pray for these individuals.  We often bring them up in Prayer for ministry, we need not to forget to bring them up in our intercessory Prayer time. 


09/25 Directions Apps (Update)

As we receive more and more translations of the Directions material, we will incorporate them into the IPhone/Android App.  The reason for such an App is simple.  Pretty much everywhere I have visited, everyone has access to the Net through their phones.  The App is free and provides all necessary information, including Bible verses and the ability to record answers on your phone.

To the left, is a report of the Chinese IPhone app download statistics.  As you already know, or should know, Android downloads are not available in Mainland China.  Since its inception, over 5000 in China alone, have been downloaded.  We have many like-minded individuals, who have introduced the the mentoring ministry using Directions.

Pray for this App to be supplied in many more languages with individuals based in those languages to facilitate.   


09/24 Family Update

Well another year has passed.  This Fall Jami is helping with the Fall-term at SYME.  Nelson and Cheryl are back in the states.

Abbey is starting her first year in Taiwan High school.  Her school name is Shin Min High school.

We continue to take the open doors as they present themselves.

From prison small groups to fellowship-wide Discipleship.  From one on one encounters groups to  working with Pastors, Missionaries and just plain old believers starting new mentoring ministries.  From Taiwan to Nepal, simply doing what the Lord has commanded.

Pray for our family, as we continue to connect, and encourage other believers to follow the Great commission.   

09/11 NUTC Monday Morning English Classes (Fall)

I went by to scout out my classroom for the 1017-2018 school year.  This year I have two classes.  A Business Communication class at 8:00 and an ESL class at 10:00.  In total have about 60 students.  I always take the classroom which facilitates conversation.

These classes are my avenue to connect with campus Christians as well as the following year’s camp participants.

In the past we have had a lot of success establishing mentoring groups on campus.

This year, the language department has given us full access to the students through ESL activities.  This can include Bible studies.

Pray for this opportunity to start small groups through this ministry.  Pray for relationships to be established for on going Gospel preaching.



09/09 Sunday Evening Fellowship (Update)

As we did this morning in the Sunday morning fellowship, the same process is being played out during the Sunday night fellowship.  Tonight, we gave an introduction to the mentoring ministry and asked for commitments.  This is a picture from last week, we had 10 purchase the Bilingual Book and will start in earnest next Sunday.

Jane, Raymond, Glennda, David, Steve and I are ready to lead these individuals through the Directions study over the coming year.

Pray for all of us, as we work out the details.  Pray for those who have committed, to first of all, be assured of their Salvation, and further the sanctification process in their personal lives.

09/09 Sunday Morning Fellowship (Update)

Steve Calmes and I have finished up three weeks of sermons preparing for today’s introduction of the Directions ministry in our local fellowship.  As we often do, we showed them how to use the Directions and started Lesson one Day one.  Afterwards we asked those who had interest to signup.  Two foreign women along with two Chinese women showed interest.  Jami, Steve and I are ready to get things going.

Pray for us a we build the mentoring infrastructure for the future.

09/07 Jia Yi Small Group (Update)

We are coming to the end of Phase three Compass (D2).  From left to right the church Deacon, Pastor Wang and his wife.

We are closing in on the end of the Compass (D2) study.  I have been encouraging them to start mentoring relationship in order for their church to continue to grow.

Pray for this leadership Team, as they begin to take steps to implement their Discipleship ministries.