03/02 Taipei Shuang He Church (Update)

I will be visiting this Church today to answer any question the young people may have concerning the Directions process.  Today, I will finish a little study called 3/3rds.  Just another method for leading the small groups.

Pray for clarity and their ability to absorb the relational aspect of the mentoring process.  Pray for their Spiritual growth and ability to reach out to their community.  Pray for Pastor Hong and his wife, as they continue to lead these individuals.

02/27 Taichung Prison Tuesday Directions Group (Update)

Today, Pastor Zhong and I started another half year study group in the Taichung National Prison.

This term, we are using what we have experienced in the past to reach 15 individuals with the Gospel.  Though the Amen Group, as it is called is Christian, most of them, about 9, are not Christian, while the remaining are professing Christian, who do not know the Lord.

This term, we will build on relationships as best as the environment allows, and provide a varying study approach, keeping it interesting and spiritually enriching.

Pray for us as we share, that our testimonies will shine out to impact these men.  Pray for those who are returning, to help lead. 


02/03 SYME (Jami Update)

This term I (Jami) have decided to help at SYME for the Wednesday night directions  groups. We know that some of the students need the Lord in their life…

Pray with us that the students in each group and the leaders would grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

01/31 Cambodia Directions (Directions Ministry Conference)

It has been a long time coming, but we are finally ready to take the Cambodian Directions translation to Cambodia and start introducing the ministry.  Through Jason Powers, 20 year Cambodia Missionary, we have been able to plan our first Directions Introduction outreach based in his previously establish Orphanage.

Graceway will be providing a two day Directions introduction conference to 50+ Pastors in Phonom Penn from February 21st through the 22nd.  Elisha Katamura, Graceway Outreach Pastor and I will be traveling to Cambodia February 19th through the 24th.

Our purpose is simple.  Develop a network of Pastors/Churches over the coming years who have an interest in a mentoring ministry.  Also, provide Pastors a tool and methods which will allow them to take Discipleship to every church member.

In the future, we would like to take this same ministry Laos and Vietnam.

Pray for us, the plan is set, vision needs to be established in the hearts and minds of the Pastors.  Pray for further opportunities and more trips with Jason in the future.   

01/19 Tan Zi Love Church (Compass/D2-Final)

Tonight we finished the Compass/D2 study.  It has been a year coming, but we finally made it to the end.  Pastor Zhong has been a close friend and co-worker.  It started with almost 15 people, but the final included 5.  We also had some neighbors in the picture.  Due to work schedules, many were not able to attend the Friday night meeting.  Pastor Zhong brought them through the study ass we progressed at different times.

They will come back and review Directions again, with different mentoring methods in mind.

Pray for Pastor Zhong and his church members as they continue the mentoring effort within their church and other places.  

01/15 SYME Monday ESL Meeting (New Connection)

This one simply passed by the spot light.  Last Summer, I took over a Bible study being led at SYME on Monday night.  Tish was leading this group for almost two years, faithfully.  I talked her into allowing me to introduce the Directions study.  Three people showed interest.  Well, over the past few months, others have joined.  Though they are there to study English and are not believers, I know God is working in their hearts, as they participate in the mentoring process in those believers who are present.

Pray for this group, that the lost accept Christ, and the saved are built up.

01/09 He Ping Presbyterian Church-Yuan Lin (Update)

Over the years, I have had a relationship with Mr. and Mrs Chao and their church.  Many years ago, there was an introduction made church wide, but it fizzled out.  From this initial start, the Yuan Lin Small group started their own study.  Originally, it was led by Jerald Zhu, who passed away several years ago.  This group also studied through Discipleship II. Since this time, they have dissolved their small group to lead other small groups in their community.  They continue to promote Directions.

Well history is repeating itself again.  Today. I met with this couple and we have formulated a plan to reach out to their church body again.  Starting in March, we will provide a Directions time, being sensitive to church members needs.  We all know, mentoring needs to be done.  It is finding the correct method to encourage is key.

So, pray with us for relationships to be established that are conducive to spiritual growth.  Pray for us, as we formulate a healthy plan, to build up the believers in their church.

12/18 Nan Tou Pres, Church (D2)

This church continues to follow the Lord’s commandment.  We are coming to the overview, Two Kingdoms study.



But more importantly, they have just recently announce new Directions groups in their church.  I just heard, they will start three new groups next January (01/14), being lead by some of those of the original group.  Generation three, Praise the Lord.

Pray for this church.  The leadership/group members are on fire for the Lord.  

12/16 Tan Zi Holy Church (Compass/D2-Update)

Pastor Zhong and I continue to meet and work together.  Jami, Abbey and I went to his church for a Christmas outreach.

It was a fun time of some great music.  Their church has a great band and they often perform.  Tonight, they were going out to their neighborhood to carol.

Jia Ying (Pastor Zhong) is starting small groups down South.  He wants to take the ministry to his home area.  I will help anyway I can.  Their church is about to finish the Compass (D2) study.

Pray for his ministry, that it will be pleasing to the Lord and fruitful.