08/01 Reaching our Community (Outreach)

We are settled in and are winding up for the coming Fall.  Jami will pick up some part-time ESL teaching and I have four hours at NTCUST.  Abbey has a two week introduction time at her school (7/31-8/11) and will begin normal classes 8/31.

The ESL times are outreaches to connect students with ESL Bible Studies,  Summer camps and the New growing Sunday morning fellowship.  We have a lot of individuals prepared to start small groups on campus, at the new fellowship location, and other local churches.  We are capable of using Chinese, English or both.  Our family, Steve/Karen Calmes and family, David Allan, Raymond, Jane and others.

Pray for us as we open our house and lives to our community in a way that was not possible at our old residence.

07/18 Moving (Special Prayer Request)

Hey you all, we need your help.  Please pray that the lord will provide a dwelling to move into.  Pray for it to be located close to Abbey’s school, as well as, the campus we spend a lot of time at.  Pray for it to meet our needs and affordable.  Pray for it to be used to glorify Him.

07/17 Nan Tou Pres, Church (New Connection/D2)

This church has been a challenge from the beginning.  The Lord was making big changes, that I was not even aware of.  It began as a group of three people in an area Family Mart.

Originally, the group could not be in the local church because of opposition from church members.  But over the last two years, the original group has grown.  Another study was started by the Pastor, and we have seen this group of three grow into two small groups of about fifteen people.

The Pastor of the church was not accepting of the mentoring process through Directions.  But a retired Pastor, lower left, told the congregation that it was a great study last year.  What happened?  This group started to meet in the local church.  Another group was created by the opposing Pastor.

Today, we all met to start the D2 study.

Pray for this local church.  That they overcome traditions that are opposite of Biblical doctrine.  Pray for the leadership, allowing God to change opinions and attitudes allowing spiritual change.


04/21 Tan Zi Love Church (Compass/D2)

received_10207670145546300The Love Church is doing great in its study of Discipleship 2.  I lead them through the First phase and Pastor Zhong has led them through the second phase.  We are now concentrating on Phase three, How to study the Bible principles.  Pastor Zhong and I work as a team in this part.

received_10207670139706154Pastor Zhong and I have been doing a self study of this material for several months in preparation of their church study.

James will join me in this study to share and contribute.  Ultimately, both Pastor Zhong and James will carry the torch in the future.

Pray for us as we continue this study, that heart understand.

04/02 Sunday Evening Fellowship (Update)

IMG_20170402_205014The Sunday night fellowship continues.  For the past few months, I have only been leading the first Sunday night of each month.  Glennda and Steve have lead the way over the past few months.

I had an opportunity to speak with Glennda, and we will start the Directions Study next fall.  Steve will have returned from the States by then.  We will cover a Lesson each month.

Glennda has a Team coming in from the USA starting in June, and will lead this group through the Summer.  This fall we have others who are ready to help administer Directions.

Pray for this group, for their commitment level to continue to rise.  Pray for this summers activities.  Pray for next Fall, and the implementation of Directions.

03/28 Cambodia Directions (Update)

Jason Powers let me know that the Directions Cambodia translation was almost complete.  God willing, I want to make a trip soon and start the process of establishing a Cambodian mentoring ministry.

Pray for Jason Powers health and support.  Pray for an opportunity to touch basis with the church leaders Jason has relationships with in the near future. 

12/18 Sunday Evening Fellowship (Christmas Update)

img_20161218_184438Well, it was Christmas a little early this year.  Almost 40 friends of the fellowship got together and had a great Christmas meal with turkey and trimmings, prepared by the Calmes family.


img_20161218_193146Began with meal time. Of course we had to watch Charlie Brown Christmas, followed by the candy cane history ending up with a White Elephant Gift exchange.  I often wonder if this group will continue, but God always surprises with new faces and opportunities.

Pray for more people to come to Christ through this time together.



10/26 2016 Oct Nepal Directions (Eastern Region: Sagarmatha zone: Udaypur, Saptari districts)

janakpur_districtsWe now begin the final leg of this week’s workshops.

nepal-detail-janakpur-sagarmatha-zonesWe leave the Janakpur area and head further East.


We travel over 100 KM to each of the venues.  After four days, I am beginning to be very comfortable on the back of a bike.

15-img_3365There are many sights to see along the way.  What we most often see is the children going to school.  They are up very early in the morning.  I think these students walk many KM’s to reach their schools.

15-img_20161024_09241110/24 Monday, we arrived in the Sagarmatha zone, Udaypur district in the city of Katari.  Here we settled in to a guest house where the Katari church held their meeting.  The Pastor of this church is Santosh Joshi.  They have been building their new church building and we could not meet there.  We had a short rest in our rooms.  The use of colors we would never imagine to use is prevalent.

15-img_20161024_094835Walking out onto the porch I took a picture of the center of the city.  Life is usually centered around the markets within this area.

So today, we just walked upstairs and held our workshop.  Like the other workshops we lay the foundation of
15-img_3380family and the importance of raising children.  We began to let our Nepalese counterparts  do the workshops.  They are a talented group and are fully capable to lead such workshops.  This is the goal of Steve and I, give them methods whereby they propagate the ministry on their own.

After the introductions, we began to lead them through the material.  We always end with them leading it themselves.  Again, the goal, to let them know they are fully able to do this ministry one their own.

15-img_3405In the final minutes, we encourage their commitment to the mentoring ministry and establish ongoing mentoring groups.  These could be one-on-one or small groups.

Always we take a group picture of the participants.  A total of 43 Pastors and leaders representing 8 churches were present.

15-img_3424After the meeting, we went to Santosh’s house for a meal.  It was a humbling experience.  We take for granted what we have.  They are happy just to have a roof over their head.  He has this church and four sister churches.  He knows the importance of this ministry in the lives of his church members, and we plan on taking this same ministry with him North in the future.

 16-img_3452The next morning 10/25 Tuesday, we stayed in the Sagarmatha, Udaypur district and traveled to the city of Gaighat.  The Pastor there was Pastor Siddhi P.Chaudhary of Living Word Church.

Like the day before, we stayed in a Guest House where the workshop was help.

16-img_20161025_120333The setup of the meeting room was quite different than other places.  The process was the same.  Introduction, engage and seek a commitment.  Again, we utilized our partners and let them lead the workshop.

16-img_20161025_120546Today, I utilized a man, who walked over two hours to attend the workshop, to be our  disciple example.  His English was exceptional, a gift from God.

16-img_3473By this time the team began to step up and lead.  Really, by this time, Steve and I were just foreigners in a foreign land.  Mahesh and his team were doing the workshops.  Pictured here is Suiren.  In addition to leading, he sang some special songs.


We got their commitment and took a group picture.

16-img_3478Afterwards we had a meal and met to review our process.



17-img_3540The next morning, we headed to the last stop in the East.

 10/26 Wednesday, we stayed in the Sagarmatha zone and move to a new district, Saptari.  Within the district we arrived in the city of Kalyanpur.


17-img_3505This was a rural church located on the top of a partially built house.

17-img_20161026_082542The church where the workshop was held was the Kalyanpur Church.  The Pastor was Shiv N.Chaudhary.  His church is on top of his house.

17-img_20161026_095821Today, the team did all the teaching.  Steve and I sat back and watched them engage.  Mahesh did the translation and started the How to process.

img_20161026_112515Santosh taught the first day.

img_20161026_125008Amritat followed up with Day 2 and Suiren finished with Day 3.  This team is prepared to take this ministry without the help of foreigners.  Actually, they were the tool God used in all of these workshops.

17-img_20161026_151137We finished the day with a group picture and returned to our Guest House.  We had 37 Pastors and leaders representing 9 churches.  Praise the Lord.

The next day Thursday 10/27, Steve and I returned to Janakpur for a flight back to Kathmandu.  The remaining team returned by motor cycle to Hetuada, Suiren’s home, where over the next few days made their way back to Kathmandu.

18-img_3587Also, in this picture, you can see Bikau, the Pastor from Janakpur and his friend.  We met at a cross road and they finished our trip back to Janakpur.

18-img_20161027_104148Bikau and his friend dropped us off at the airport for a flight on BUDDA AIRLINES.


We made our way back to Kathmandu.

I can begin to tell you of the great time of fellowship we had together.  This was an opportunity God gave us.  May he get ALL of the Glory, and that the fruit of this adventure remain.  Pray for this Eastern trip, come and experience it for yourselves.  

10/22 2016 Oct Nepal Directions (Central Region: Narayani Zone: Makwanpur; Bara; Rautahat Districts)


narayani_districtsWhen Mahesh and I were planning this trip, Mahesh let me know this time frame in Nepal was the holiday season.  During this time, all forms of transportation were difficult to reserve or purchase tickets for.  We were looking at renting vehicles for each day to avoid public transportation.  This was a very expensive option.  Mahesh came up with a brilliant idea.

nepal-detail-narayani-zoneWe could move around by motorcycle.  Mahesh recruited two other men who could move Mahesh, Amrita, Steve and I from place to place over the next seven days.  Steve and I would fly down to the largest city in the region and from there, we would start our journey.  So, Steve and I flew to Simara.

Our travel date was 10/19.  We (Steve and I) arrived late in the afternoon and were  picked up by a Pastor and his father.  Mahesh made the difficult journey over the mountains to meet us in Hetauda, where Suiren lives.  San Toss drove over from the Eastern part of Nepal.  We all met up in the evening for a good night sleep.  It is here we met San Toss for the first time, he was the one pictured in the 10/18 2016 Oct Nepal Directions (Introduction).

11-img_310701-img_3108In the morning, we packed up all the Directions guides we would be using over the next week and prepared them to be sent to the locations we would visit.

11-img_3118Thursday 10/20, after we completed the task, we began our journey to city of Padam Pokhari.  The church where the workshop was held is the Abhishek Church.




11-img_3129When we arrived, we were greeted by Pastor Dharma Lama and his family.  This is the same Pastor who came to pick us up the night before.




11-img_3137As usual, we get into the workshop.  Always start with the family relationship and how important that we take care of new believers and raise them into a position of being fruitful.




11-img_315611-img_3153Our approach is simple, let the church members start the process by doing.  We give them several methods to have mentoring relationships.

11-img_20161020_170715As we come to the end of our time in the workshop, we have already shown them the process and how easy it is to get involved in the mentoring process.  We challenge them to continue by having them sing their names in their books and break up into groups.  In the groups we have them pick a day and time they will continue then announce it to the whole group.  In the end, over 40 participants, representing 5 churches were here.

11-img_3162After the workshop we headed back to Hetauda, where Suiren lives.  It was our command center for the past few days.  It was a place of rest before the long journey South tomorrow.




11-img_3178We all went out to dinner including family members.





Friday 10/21 we headed toward the city of Simara in the Bara District.




11-img_3198Early in the morning, we arrived at a rural church located in the country side of a major city.  Pastor Ashish Lama greeted us as we arrive at his church called Immanuel Church.


11-img_20161021_115602Again, we repeated the process, first with a group presentation and an introduction of how to use directions.


11-img_3220We continued to small groups coming through several daily studies ending with a group picture.  We had this day over 40 participants representing 17 churches.


11-img_3238The Pastor would not allow us to leave and wanted us to stay in this church overnight.  But before we rested on the church floor, we had another meal together.


11-img_20161021_193814The Pastor took time to prepare our sleeping arrangements.  I remember waking up very early, before the sun had come up, and the Pastor, who sleep with us in the same area, was praying for us.  Truly humbled me.

10/22 Saturday morning, we left early heading East to the Southern part of the Narayani zone, Rautahat district in the city of Chandranigahpur.  The church where the workshop was held is the Aradhana Bhakti Church.

13-img_20161022_094436Today is their Sunday.  Pastor Solomon Rai invited us to preach before a lunch break and the workshop.  The morning message was an introduction of the Directions ministry.  We used the preaching time to lay the foundation for the rest of the workshop.

13-img_3276There were many children in this family centered local church.  Amrita and Steve took turns entertaining the kids as the parents attended the workshop.




13-img_20161022_142958As usual we started the Directions study by engaging them in the process.  Day 1 was used to show them the format of the lesson.



13-img_20161022_135756The rest of the time we allowed them to first do the daily study, then we came back and reviewed what they had found on their own.



13-img_3282By this time Steve and I began to move out of the picture and let our hosts finish the process.  We ended the time getting their commitment to continue the process in their own small groups.  In the end, over 40 participants, representing  2 churches were here.


14-img_3287We returned to our Guest house via a Nepali Taxi.   This night we had air conditioning and a comfortable place to sleep.  Still have not seen hot water.