04/12 Family Update (Thank You)

We went for an interview today at Morrison Academy.  We met with Alicia (Administrator) and Mr. Shu (Counselor).  Alicia gave us a quick tour of the campus.  She showed us the High School portion of the school and the student lounge, where we met with Mr. Shu.

Mr. Shu was a Taiwanese man who grew up in the United States and finished his High school in Taiwan.  Listening to him, we knew that Abbey would be in good hands for the coming two years.  He asked some important questions and professional let us know, he understood where Abbey’s strengths and weaknesses will be in the future.  It was very comforting knowing she will have a great support team.  Also, we met our old Chinese teacher from 20 years ago.

She did well on all the English but was weak in her writing abilities.  I am sure this will change in a short time, her gift is language.  We know she will thrive there and find new avenues to grow.  There is a lot of emphasis on Bible education, a must in these times.  We were assured she is in.  Thank you for your prayers and support.  We are very proud of her, go Ab go.

Pray for Abbey:  1) She will need to finish her time at Shin Min High School.  2) She will need to begin reading more English.  3) She will be entering a new environment, a US school, where the education system is quite different than her current school.