04/06 San Di Men Directions Group (Update-Ping Dong Plant)

In the 03/09 Gao Xiong/Ping Dong Directions plants (Update) post, I mentioned to you how God was using Pastor Zhong to plant Directions groups in the Southern part of Taiwan.

This post is to report the expansion and renaming of the Ping Dong small group.  It is now the San Di men group.  It is specifically reaching an Aboriginal church in this location.  he had mentioned that he wanted to change the meeting time to Friday night, allowing more people to participate.

I receive a quick update and picture from Pastor Zhong today, and saw the group had grown from three to over ten individuals.  As you already know, we are trying to start as many groups as possible, preparing for the future of the ministry.

Pray for Pastor Zhong, as he continues to reach out to his people along with all who wish to grow in the Grace of the Lord.  Pray for my participation, that I may be a useful tool for Pastor Zhong, and allow him to use me where he needs.