03/20 Taichung Prison Tuesday Directions Group (Update)

This year we have a new group of Prisoners.  We got a late start due to the Chinese New Years Holiday season.  We have fifteen men, 6 of them call themselves Christian, the rest come from Buddhist or Taoist background.

Pastor Zhong and I have been experimenting with different methods for this fellowship.  I must admit, we have mist the mark for a year.  But this year, we are doing something totally different.

We have taken the two pronged approach, first is to use cultural biblical queues.  The second is to take them back to their Creator, Genesis.  The cultural queues are the Genesis stories in their own language.  Many of the ancient Chinese characters have the Genesis story built into them.  They tell of one God, before the Buddhism, and Taoism religions were started.  These characters show them they had the Bible stories before the English Bible was written.  They are coming to see that the Genesis narrative is not only ours but theirs.

Pray for us as we use these insights to introduce them to their Historical God, Shang Di.  Pray that the transition to the New Testament study based out of Directions is understood in the light of their own culture.