03/16 Taichung Sheng Ming Church (Update/D2)

I continue to encourage this church by visiting often to their Directions group.  We are about 1/3 the way through the study, and the Lord is using the relationship to change us all.  We have become good friends and often have a simple Friday dinner together.

Last year Pastor Zhong gave Pastor Liu a copy of Compass (D2).  I have not brought up the D2 study, but I have been using many of its principles during our Directions time every Friday.  Pastor Liu often asks  where I have learned these principles.  Last week I told them of the Discipleship process I came through when I was a new believer.  After hearing the testimony, I asked him if he would like to take an hour, before our Directions time to take a look at it.

We have been meeting for several weeks now, Pray for his continued interest.