03/09 Gao Xiong/Ping Dong Directions plants (Update)

Pastor Zhong and I took a 24 hour road trip South to Gao Xiong and Ping Dong.  Pastor Zhong and I have partnered up, and I am serving Pastor Zhong in his ongoing effort to start Directions groups within the Aboriginal Community.

Our first stop was Gao Xiong, where we arrived at an Army base.  Next to it was the base housing.  This is where we meet with a group of three Aboriginals (two men and one women) who already started the study with Pastor Zhong last year.  I asked them when they accepted Christ, and two of them said they did last November, when Pastor Zhong started the small group.   The third man accepted Christ as his Savior this evening.

Dale Noland, SYME Missionary, met us and joined the group.  Dale will continue to attend in the future along with Pastor Zhong and me.


We slept there and woke up to meet with Peter Ozias (first picture), who lives and teaches in Gao Xiong.  Peter and His wife are from my church in the States.  It was good  caught up with him.

We then began to travel over to the Western part of Ping Dong, in the mountains where we had dinner in a restaurant ran by some of Pastor Zhong’s relatives.  It was a great lunch.  And the view was beautiful.




Later we met with two Elders and one Deacon and gave them an introduction to the Discipleship process.  It was an eye opener for them.

Pray for Pastor Zhong and I as we partner to establish these mentoring groups in the South.  We already know, once someone has been prepared, they can and are willing to take it to other areas.