03/05 Nan Tou Pres. Church (Update D2)

We continue our study through Compass(D2).  The Pastor and many of the leaders enjoy this time as we learn of Two Kingdoms and expand our understanding of the prophetic view of the Bible.  Last month I told you they went church wide with Directions, many of the member of this group are taking 20 or more church members through Directions.

Last year we met with the Youth leaders to help them with a new approach to youth ministry taught by SYME here in Taichung, but we found out they needed a basic foundation rather than trying to start/improve their existing youth Ministry.  This is being accomplished.  Now we turn again to their youth ministry.

This April, Dale and Anne Marie, SYME Missionaries, will begin the process of helping the Peter and Albee train young leaders in a new fun way of doing youth ministry.  Also, this Summer, they will be part of a team coming from Graceway, to provide a Summer camp to jump start their numbers.

Pray for this church, who have committed to establish a Biblical foundation for their adults, do the same for their youth.  Pray for Dale and Anne Marie, as they invest their talents and resources to help them establish a growing youth ministry for the future.