02/27 Taiwan Wednesday Gideon Organization Office Small Group (Update)

Though today is Tuesday, we had a Gideon Office Small Group get together for a New Years Lunch.  Five of these individuals are about to finish the Directions study.  I think they are ready to start lesson 17.  Three of them I continue to meet with and lead through Lesson 6.

The original group wants to move on to the Compass (Chinese D2) study after finishing Directions.  Right now, the second lady on the right Wendy continues to lead the original group.  She has already come through Directions and Compass at Taichung Holiness Church.  So, they are a third generation Disciple.

In a couple of months, we will start the Compass study together and Joseph has OKed finding another time for the three I am currently leading to be lead by members of the existing group.  This will give them a chance to practice and know they can do the same.

Joseph, center, is the Asian Director of Gideon.  He allowed me to introduce Directions to his church up North in Kee Long.  That work is going well, and I visit once a month to answer any questions they have and encourage them.  The original group consisted of over 20 individuals.  i will be there this coming weekend.

Pray for this group as they come through the Compass study.  That their Spiritual eyes be widened and that they realize the depth of God’s Word.  Pray for opportunities for them to promote Directions groups in the churches they visit.