01/14 Nan Tou Presbyterian Church (Update D2/New Directions)

This church has had its ups and downs.  But the Lord has been working behind the scenes preparing hearts and minds.  Currently, the original Directions group and another led by the Pastor continue to meet to study through Compass (D2).  Our progress has been great.  We have a great time, talking through, never heard doctrine, the Pastor weighing in quite often.  I always look forward to joining them each week.

Last month I encouraged the members of this group to begin the process of mentoring in their own lives.  Before, none of them felt they could do it, but now, they are empowered to engage in the Ministry of reconciliation.  So, they announced Directions small groups will be held Sundays after church.  Over 25 people signed up, and they divided them into three smaller groups.

Today, I had the opportunity to introduce the study to the church, with the Pastors blessing, answered prayer.

Six of the D2 group members have paired up to lead the three smaller groups.  The study, for the most part, was received positively.

Pray for the leaders, as they begin the process of injecting God’s word into peoples lives.  Pray for their encouragement, as they begin to meet with less mature believers.  Pray for the 25 who signed up.  That they will be inspired by the study, and to apply what they learn in their lives.