11/28 Monday NUTC Group (Change to Tuesday)

Last year we had a great presence on the NUTC campus.  We spent time weekly mentoring young Christians and teaching English at the same time.  Not in the last year’s picture on the right, is Lily, pictured on the left.  She was part of the group, but that day was not present.  Recently, she contacted me and wanted to continue her small group Direction study.  Apparently, she is staying at NUTC for two more years in the additional 2 year English program.

Steve Calmes and I are working to find other believers through Classes and Free ESL provided times.  Next year, 2018, we will start to announce additional English time outside the normal programs and will be labeled Bible Cultural studies.  Our material, Directions.  Lily will be used to help in these areas.

Pray for her to continue to strengthen her Faith, to reach her family, friends and local church with the message of Discipleship.