11/26 Kee Long Shan Hai Church (Update)

I made the trip to Kee Long today.  I met Joseph Huang and his wife when I arrived.  Remember, he is the Gideon Director of Taiwan/Asia.   I was immediately introduce to the leader of the Church.  I found out that the church does not have a Pastor, but several individuals lead.

I explained to the leadership my approach.  I would preach a message on the Ministry of Reconciliation, then encourage them to attend a fellowship meeting afterwards for a Directions Introduction.

During the preaching time, Joseph translated for me, and we made it a interactive type service, encouraging them to write down the definition of the Gospel.  At the end of the service, I had them all share their definitions.  It became apparent that there was a need for Discipleship in the church.

We had a good turnout for the introduction.  Those who attended received a free Directions translation.  I showed them the format of the book and how easy it was to use for mentoring.  We then started the study, allowing each individual to help.

They came to the conclusion they wanted to continue.  I will make a trip up there once or twice a month, to help get them started.

Pray for this new start.  They have the heart, but lack a good tool to mentor with.  Pray for their commitment, there were several couples who really had a lot of interest.