11/25 Pastor Jia In Zhong (Gao Xiong New Connection)

Pastor Zhong and I have begun to work together more and more.  We spend time on Tuesday, preparing what we call D3, How to prepare a sermon, based on some Shepherd school material.  We will use this study to help prepare some of his church members after they finish D2.   Also, we work together in the Taichung Prison.  Preparing Discipleship studies for the inmates.

Often, Pastor Zhong returns to his home town Ping Dong, in the South.  Recently in Ping Dong, he has had some interest in the Discipleship material and how to administer it.  He indicated to me that he will visit next week to establish three new Discipleship groups.  I have told him, I can help.  So we decided to make this a joint effort, sharing the responsibility of establishing the ministry.

Pray for him, as he presents the ministry next week, that he would clearly explain the need.  Pray for those who attend, to realize their need to prepare for others to grow in Christ.