10/11 Nepal Directions (Central Region Update)

While in Kathmandu, we caught up with Simon.  Jami spoke a little about him in our 10/10 Nepal Family Update.

Back in October of 2016, Steven Calmes went a day earlier than I and did a workshop in Pastor Simon Poudel’s church.  That day there were 10 people present.

Simon indicated to me, that in his church, he continues to lead his church group of about seven people through the study.  He also mentioned to me, since 2016, he has start two other groups.  They are sister churches of his.  One group has 9 individuals and the other has 11.

He mentioned he needed 30 additional books so I agreed to purchase half for him.  He said he would purchase the other 15.

He also indicated he wanted to return to the foothills of Mtn Everest for a Directions workshop.  Again, we need your help in this area.  As we receive monies to reach these areas,  we schedule trips over a week to ten days to visit.  We cover our own costs, and use the money to buys books, pencils, erasers, and provide a meal.

Pray for Simon as he continues to implement the ministry in his sphere of influence.  Pray for more support for additional trips.