10/11 Nepal Directions (Western Region Update)

I received this update from Dinesh from the Western Region of Nepal back in September.  He has one man Pastor Prem who introduces and helps churches associated with his mentoring ministry.  They are taking the fight to their own people.

He writes:  Dear brother Marc

Jaya Masihi

Pastor Prem did a good job.  I handover 100 Direction book to him.  He did Direction training to the 15 Pastors in Nepalgunj City Pastors Fellowship.  He is planning to introduce Direction to the Banke Youth Fellowship next month.

We want to bring TCT in Bardiya, Kailali and Surkhet district.  If possible, we will bring TCT to Jumla and Humal, Mountain District of Mid-western region.  We need to fly.

We need your help in this area.  As we receive monies to reach these areas,  we schedule trips over a week to ten days to visit.

Pray for my health.  I am suffering from Bronchitis Asthma and back pain.  First pat to u 9 Understanding your Bible and send you this Sunday.