10/10 Family Nepal Trip

Earlier this year we had planned to make a trip to Nepal as a family.  We had to cancel due to some Passport issues.

Well from 10/06-10/10 our family made the trip.  We spent time with our hosts and their family members.

From left to right:  Mahesh’s son , Mahesh, the taxi driver, Jami, Abbey, Amrita and Rati, Mahesh’s wife.

Jami immediately connected with all of them in ways I could never.  She shares the following:

Our Trip to Nepal was an eye opener….

As we were preparing for our trip to Nepal I took a moment and asked God What is the purpose of this trip? I also asked what do you want Me to do?  I kept thinking … Marc already has so many connections and established friendships… Would I feel left out or disconnected.. I worried..So I started this dialogue with God..I asked him to help me to get out of His way…And to be used by him in any way he wanted to use me.

From the day we arrived to the day we left I felt like God knitted hearts together for future ministry opportunities. I even felt sad to leave me new friends behind.

I want to share one story from the trip

The last morning we were in Nepal we had a chance to have breakfast with a sweet couple that recently lost a baby.

Sometimes when we are in situations where we dont know how to help someone cope in situations like these…,”We listen”…And ” Be with ” and God gives us the right words to say. I’m so thankful for being sensitive to the holy spirits leading. God taught me so many things through this trip, actually I’m still recalling things he taught me. Letter from Jami’s perspective.

Pray for these individuals.  We often bring them up in Prayer for ministry, we need not to forget to bring them up in our intercessory Prayer time.