09/05 Pastor Jia In Zhong (3rd Generation)

Hey, do you remember, Pastor  Zhong? I have known Jia In Zhong for well over three years.  We connected several times, then finally decided to get together and start a one-on-one Directions group.  We then continued on to D2 and now we are reviewing How to prepare a sermon, Homiletic’s.

Zhong Jia In is currently Pastoring Elove Church in Tan Zi.   It is a church for an Aboriginal outreach but they are there for everyone.   Currently in his church, he is leading his leaders through D2.  He has caught the vision. He is involved in many other ministry’s.

Friday Evening:  D2 study in his church. 13 individuals

Sunday Afternoon: two small groups.  One is a Directions group 1:30, the other is 3:00 meeting where he meets a couple preparing to get married.

Every day 5:30AM:  Directions groups with a a couple.

Every Evening 21:00PM: He has his second generation female church member, Chao Yi, who Disciples another one to one.

Every Evening 21:00PM: He has his second generation son, Wei Ming, who leads the other son.

Pray for his ministry at the local church.  His request is that you pray for all he comes in contact with to better understand truth.  He often introduces Directions/D2 to other Pastors.