01/11 Lu Gang Baptist Church (Growing)

I met with the Lu Gang small group today.  They continue to experience different small group methods.  Today we broke into women’s and men’s groups.  I had the opportunity to meet with several of the Deacons.

As always, I had the opportunity to share prayer requests and get some from the men.  It is nice to see these individuals open up.  I asked the question, “Do you often get to share with other church members?”   Come to find out, these men have been in the church for over 40 years and have never personally shared their prayer request with each other.  Today, they did.

It is through this type of interaction that lives are changed.  It is through their sharing that relationships are built in a healthy environment.

Pray for this group as they continue this life-changing process.  Allow them to see the importance of personal interaction in their family-centered life-long walk in Christ.