2014 January Update (Jami’s Surgery)

Dear TEAM Members;

Well, we have started a new year.  We have a lot of challenges and situations whereby we must totally rely on Our Lord.  As you well know, Jami will be entering the hospital Tuesday 01/21 for surgery on the Wednesday 01/22.

The hospital plan is as follows:  We have many missionary friends as well as Taiwanese who know the hospital process.  I have already completed the primary care provider schedule and have a backup to all the times while she is in the hospital.  We also have a church member who works in the hospital office and will take care of all necessary arrangements.  We are trying to get a single room for her, so that she will have the necessary quiet time after surgery. I also have an American friend who lives in the Hospital neighborhood; he has always been my faithful backup.  He also has accommodation if necessary.

The surgery plan is as follows: The following is a translated version of what will transpire during surgery.  The Oncologist will remove her stint that was placed in a few months ago to bring the swelling down in her kidney also at that time he will cut away the blockage in her ureter tube between her bladder and kidney.這次手術,腫瘤科醫師會移除數月前放入幫助腎臟消腫的金屬支架,同時他也會切除連接膀胱和腎臟之間堵塞的部分。       The Oncologist/Urologist/ oncologist will cut away the lesion on her colon. He will also remove the mass on my bladder.腫瘤科/泌尿科/婦產科醫生會切除結腸的病變,也會清除膀胱內的髒東西。The OBGYN will remove the endometriosis growth in my body and the ovary that was left in last time will be removed. He said he will do what he can to make it clear out the existing Endometriosis 婦科手術則會移除子宮內膜異位的生長,並且將上次保留的卵巢摘除。醫生說他會盡他所能將現存體內的子宮內膜異位清除乾淨。       Finally, She will be put on some progesterone to stop all hormonal growth…then her body will completely go into menopause.最後,我會施打一些懷孕激素抑制荷爾蒙的活躍,之後就會完全進入更年期。

There will be three doctors in the surgery room, I am very thankful for this.  Also, we have many friends who work in the same hospital, again relationships are key to this culture.  I know she will receive extra care from them.

The recovery plan is as follows:  After a week in the hospital, provided there are no complications, Jami will return home. Recovery time will be 8-10 weeks.復原期要八至十週。 Here in Taiwan, the family is essential in the recovery process.  Not only do family members take care of the needs of their love ones in the hospital, they also provide home health care.  Praise the Lord, Jay Grimwood has offered to send Stacy Blahnik for a time to help with the home health care.  She will arrive somewhere around 01/28 and help for two weeks.  I am thankful.

On the home front:  Abbey will finish her school term 01/20 and I have already finished my part-time work on NTIT campus.  I have already planned for no ministry activity through the end of February.

O.K. you all, be praying for this time.  Let it be a great time to show forth God’s Mercy and Grace.  May He get all the Glory.

In Him – Jami, Marc and Abbey Heckman – TEAM Taiwan