04/12 Family Update (Thank You)

We went for an interview today at Morrison Academy.  We met with Alicia (Administrator) and Mr. Shu (Counselor).  Alicia gave us a quick tour of the campus.  She showed us the High School portion of the school and the student lounge, where we met with Mr. Shu.

Mr. Shu was a Taiwanese man who grew up in the United States and finished his High school in Taiwan.  Listening to him, we knew that Abbey would be in good hands for the coming two years.  He asked some important questions and professional let us know, he understood where Abbey’s strengths and weaknesses will be in the future.  It was very comforting knowing she will have a great support team.  Also, we met our old Chinese teacher from 20 years ago.

She did well on all the English but was weak in her writing abilities.  I am sure this will change in a short time, her gift is language.  We know she will thrive there and find new avenues to grow.  There is a lot of emphasis on Bible education, a must in these times.  We were assured she is in.  Thank you for your prayers and support.  We are very proud of her, go Ab go.

Pray for Abbey:  1) She will need to finish her time at Shin Min High School.  2) She will need to begin reading more English.  3) She will be entering a new environment, a US school, where the education system is quite different than her current school. 

04/07 Family Update (Abbey School Admission)

Abbey continues her quest to enter Morrison Academy.  Next week, Thursday, we will all meet with the Principle of the school to discuss her next two year plan.  This will be quit the change for her, leaving the Taiwanese School culture and changing her way of thinking and studying.

Pray for her, and allow God to open her heart in a different way.  Allow her to embrace her culture in the light of her preparation for the future.  Pray for the final confirmation of her acceptance into her new school. 

04/06 San Di Men Directions Group (Update-Ping Dong Plant)

In the 03/09 Gao Xiong/Ping Dong Directions plants (Update) post, I mentioned to you how God was using Pastor Zhong to plant Directions groups in the Southern part of Taiwan.

This post is to report the expansion and renaming of the Ping Dong small group.  It is now the San Di men group.  It is specifically reaching an Aboriginal church in this location.  he had mentioned that he wanted to change the meeting time to Friday night, allowing more people to participate.

I receive a quick update and picture from Pastor Zhong today, and saw the group had grown from three to over ten individuals.  As you already know, we are trying to start as many groups as possible, preparing for the future of the ministry.

Pray for Pastor Zhong, as he continues to reach out to his people along with all who wish to grow in the Grace of the Lord.  Pray for my participation, that I may be a useful tool for Pastor Zhong, and allow him to use me where he needs. 

04/01 Nan Tou Pres. Church (Update)

This Church continues 2 Ti 2:2.  They have a core group of about 10 individuals about to finish up D2.

Three Directions groups have been started by those who have come through that portion of the mentoring process.  It is moving toward a deeper Biblical based membership.  Because of the time spent over the past three years, the Pastor and church leaders are open to help with their youth ministry.

Today, I visited their youth group.  Many of the youth are leaving because the church in the past has not been willing to change to meet the needs of their young people. The leadership earlier this month saw a SYME youth group presentation at another local church.  Because of this, well….they want to make a change.

Dale & Anne Marie Noland and SYME are teaming up to help them start a revised youth ministry in their church.  April 29th, they will come in lead their youth group and to demonstrate a new approach to youth ministry.  Afterward, they will give the youth leaders a workshop to show them how they can run their own exciting youth group.  During May and June, they will practice the new method, preparing for new youth coming to their church after a 07/09-12 SYME Camp.

I am only a facilitator, but our family and a visiting group from Graceway will be helping in their ministry change.

Pray for the upcoming demonstration and workshop.  Pray for youth to step up and be willing to help.  Also, pray for someone to step up and help manage this ministry into the future.  Pray for the Noland’s as they speak into the lives of believers in this Local Church.  

03/27 Family Update (Abbey School Change)

Jami and I have been working to move Abbey over to a recognized (accredited) American school (Morrison Academy) here in Taichung.  This school has been here for many years, and was initially set up for Missionary Kids.

Abbey has taken her Taiwan Public School participation into the 10th Grade.  Now is the time for her to start preparing for here future educational direction.  In Morrison Academy, she will bring her English abilities up to USA English standards, while at the same time, be immersed in an American School environment.

Pray for the Admission process.  Today, she tested well enough to move forward through the admission process.  Pray for her commitment to the new challenges that will be coming her way. 

03/20 Taichung Prison Tuesday Directions Group (Update)

This year we have a new group of Prisoners.  We got a late start due to the Chinese New Years Holiday season.  We have fifteen men, 6 of them call themselves Christian, the rest come from Buddhist or Taoist background.

Pastor Zhong and I have been experimenting with different methods for this fellowship.  I must admit, we have mist the mark for a year.  But this year, we are doing something totally different.

We have taken the two pronged approach, first is to use cultural biblical queues.  The second is to take them back to their Creator, Genesis.  The cultural queues are the Genesis stories in their own language.  Many of the ancient Chinese characters have the Genesis story built into them.  They tell of one God, before the Buddhism, and Taoism religions were started.  These characters show them they had the Bible stories before the English Bible was written.  They are coming to see that the Genesis narrative is not only ours but theirs.

Pray for us as we use these insights to introduce them to their Historical God, Shang Di.  Pray that the transition to the New Testament study based out of Directions is understood in the light of their own culture.


03/16 Taichung Sheng Ming Church (Update/D2)

I continue to encourage this church by visiting often to their Directions group.  We are about 1/3 the way through the study, and the Lord is using the relationship to change us all.  We have become good friends and often have a simple Friday dinner together.

Last year Pastor Zhong gave Pastor Liu a copy of Compass (D2).  I have not brought up the D2 study, but I have been using many of its principles during our Directions time every Friday.  Pastor Liu often asks  where I have learned these principles.  Last week I told them of the Discipleship process I came through when I was a new believer.  After hearing the testimony, I asked him if he would like to take an hour, before our Directions time to take a look at it.

We have been meeting for several weeks now, Pray for his continued interest. 

03/11 Jane Huang (3rd Generation)

Sunday night I lead the Small group at Symrna Baptist Church.  Steve and I continue to take them through the study.

Tonight, Jane (right, who came to America with us last year) came to help and give a quick update.  She is leading 5 people in her church (Taichung Baptist Church) small group through Directions.

Raymond also appears in the picture, go Raymond.

Pray for her discernment and character.  She continues to help others with the mentoring process.  What a blessing to hear from her.  Pray the Lord continues to allow me to work with individuals like her.


03/09 Gao Xiong/Ping Dong Directions plants (Update)

Pastor Zhong and I took a 24 hour road trip South to Gao Xiong and Ping Dong.  Pastor Zhong and I have partnered up, and I am serving Pastor Zhong in his ongoing effort to start Directions groups within the Aboriginal Community.

Our first stop was Gao Xiong, where we arrived at an Army base.  Next to it was the base housing.  This is where we meet with a group of three Aboriginals (two men and one women) who already started the study with Pastor Zhong last year.  I asked them when they accepted Christ, and two of them said they did last November, when Pastor Zhong started the small group.   The third man accepted Christ as his Savior this evening.

Dale Noland, SYME Missionary, met us and joined the group.  Dale will continue to attend in the future along with Pastor Zhong and me.


We slept there and woke up to meet with Peter Ozias (first picture), who lives and teaches in Gao Xiong.  Peter and His wife are from my church in the States.  It was good  caught up with him.

We then began to travel over to the Western part of Ping Dong, in the mountains where we had dinner in a restaurant ran by some of Pastor Zhong’s relatives.  It was a great lunch.  And the view was beautiful.




Later we met with two Elders and one Deacon and gave them an introduction to the Discipleship process.  It was an eye opener for them.

Pray for Pastor Zhong and I as we partner to establish these mentoring groups in the South.  We already know, once someone has been prepared, they can and are willing to take it to other areas.

03/05 Nan Tou Pres. Church (Update D2)

We continue our study through Compass(D2).  The Pastor and many of the leaders enjoy this time as we learn of Two Kingdoms and expand our understanding of the prophetic view of the Bible.  Last month I told you they went church wide with Directions, many of the member of this group are taking 20 or more church members through Directions.

Last year we met with the Youth leaders to help them with a new approach to youth ministry taught by SYME here in Taichung, but we found out they needed a basic foundation rather than trying to start/improve their existing youth Ministry.  This is being accomplished.  Now we turn again to their youth ministry.

This April, Dale and Anne Marie, SYME Missionaries, will begin the process of helping the Peter and Albee train young leaders in a new fun way of doing youth ministry.  Also, this Summer, they will be part of a team coming from Graceway, to provide a Summer camp to jump start their numbers.

Pray for this church, who have committed to establish a Biblical foundation for their adults, do the same for their youth.  Pray for Dale and Anne Marie, as they invest their talents and resources to help them establish a growing youth ministry for the future.