12/23 Gideon Organization Office Small Group (Update)


Today we started Lesson 2, Christ our Savior.  It was appropriate, because Tis the season for giving.  He is faithful, he gave Tony (center, looking at us) eternal life.  Tony has had a lot of questions since our start in November.  Today, he is sure of his salvation.  It was a great opportunity for a life lesson of preaching the Gospel.  PRAISE THE LORD.

Continue to pray for this group, as I said before, their reach in Taiwan is substantial.  Pray for them to clearly understand the work of Christ on the Cross.  Pray for their security to be fully established, and that they would preach the Gospel everywhere they go.  

Merry Christmas From the Heckmans

family pic

Art work by Abbey.  Hey you guys, we thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers during 2015.  Without your involvement in our ministry, the Lord couldn’t have accomplished anything through us.  We wish you a very Merry Christmas Holiday, but more importantly, our desire for you is that your lives through Christ will be enriched.  


12/18 Wu Feng Presbyterian Church (Update)


Some of you might remember when you finally finished Discipleship II.  My time was back in 1994.  Well today, this small group in Wu Feng completed their study of the translated Discipleship material, now known as Compass.  Three years ago, it began with a group of 35 church members in Directions and finished with seven faithful believers in Discipleship II.

Their names from left to right are, Elder Chen, Mr. Hong, Deacon Hong, Pastor Chen, Sister Li, Sister Tang and Elder Zhang.

Elder Chen and I have become very good friends.  He was introduced to me by Brother Zhu (Yuan Lin) who has passed away.  Elder Chen has helped start two other Direction groups in the Southern part of Taichung.  He works extensively with the Gideon Organization, not only here in Taiwan but also in neighboring countries.

Mr. Li led and has finished a Wednesday Directions group of 10 souls.  He took it over from Pastor Chen and is a second generation disciple.

Pastor Chen, who has been faithful throughout the whole process came a couple of months after I started helping in this church.  He has a vision for his church, that all get mentored.

Sister Li and Sister Tang will be future leaders of small group provided for women in the church.

Elder Zhang is already formulating a sharing group with other Elders and Deacons next year.

It has been exciting to see the changes in these individuals lives.  Our freedom in Christ allows us to change into the people God wants us to be.

I am ready to help them in the future.  There is already talk of small Gospel methods seminars for reaching people with the Gospel.

Pray for this core of believers who are committed to the Ministry of Reconciliation.  Pray for their response to the call to mentor in the future.  Pray for their families.  Pray for their church participation.  Praise the Lord for his faithfulness.  

12/17 Yuan Lin Conservative Baptist Church (Update-Evening)


We met tonight and finished up Lesson 12 Spiritual Gifts.  It was truly enjoyable listening to them give testimonies about their own spiritual gifts.  These individuals are leaders in the church led by Pastor Li (bottom right).

Next year, I will limit my participation and let God do his work.  All of them have shown interest in leading groups in the future.  This is a great start for Pastor Li’s continued Discipleship ministry and  I look forward to seeing their fruit.

Pray for this group’s influence, many are community business men and teachers.  Pray they will stay the course.  pray for Pastor Li’s future plans. 

12/16 Nan Tou Family Mart (Update)


This week we had the whole group.  Today we discussed future plans.  They are already comfortable with the study and they know they can finish the task on their own.  So, starting next year, I will pull back and periodically connect with them.  My goal is to allow God to show them they can minister to each other while preparing to minister to others in the future.

Pray for their commitment to the command to Disciple others.  Pray for their individual growth.

12/14 NUTC Small Group 10:30 (Update)


We continue to meet on Monday morning in the college. Two thirds the way through Directions and we are all keeping each other accountable.  After our 10:30 fellowship time, we use lunch time to get caught up on life events.  Also, I have started to share with them 23 principles of Bible Study.  We have had some wonderful blessings from the Lord recently.

Julia (top left) has recently join our group to have lunch with us.  She was part of our Summer camp 2015.  She has been attending faithfully the past four weeks.  I asked her how she was brought to our group, and she told me she heard us talking about the Bible during lunch.  She is a believer who has not been feed.  Jane (bottom right) and her will connect every Wednesday to start feeding her through Directions in English.

Today had another blessing from above.  Another of the Summer Camp 2015 students came by and asked to be able to be part of our fellowship.  We all looked at one another and simple said, welcome sister.  I will encourage her to connect with someone in the future.

Pray for our small group as it continues to grow in numbers and power.  Pray for the students as they weekly strengthen their walk with Christ.  Pray for anyone else who may have interest, we are here and ready. 

12/10 Jia Yi Small Group (Update)


It has been awhile since the last update about this small group.  In the beginning they were meeting at a different church, now the group continues to flourish in a new location.  Pastor Wang, his wife (center), Deacon Lin, and Teacher Shao (left) continue their study through Directions.  They are already half way through and are truly enjoying the time of fellowship.  As always, Pastor Yau (right) is their to share.

I gave Pastor Wang a new Compass (Discipleship II) study guide and he has already told me they want to move on to this book in the future.  As always, I will help lead them through the material, based within their culture.

Pray for their hearts to continue to be knit together.  Pray for their insight into Spiritual matters to be strengthened. 

12/09 Nan Tou Family Mart (Update)


Today, I participated in this small group.  Though 3 or 4 people were not present, they continued their Directions study.  I have spent the last few weeks, allowing them to lead their own group and will break away next year.  They have come to know they can do this study on their own.

The two ladies on the left came to know Christ a month ago, and are intent on knowing Him more.  For the first time in decades of being in the Church, they are getting answers to questions we take for granted.

Pastor Yau has graciously allowed them to move into his office, next to the family Mart.  The lady on the left, Bi Fen, will join Pastor Yau on Friday nights to offer a Bilingual Directions study in the coming weeks.

Pray for their protection over the coming months.  Pray for their desire to understand how they can walk with Him in a more intimate way.  They are all teachers, pray for their gifts to become apparent and that their desire to lead others grow.  

12/08 Core Group Liu Bao (Update)

2015-12-08 (1)

I have been working with individuals who have shown an interest in helping others know our Lord in a more biblical way.  This couple, James and Ai Hua is no exception.  James was my first friend in Taiwan.  James was trained in a seminary which was in Liu Bao back in 1999.  He has been an integral part of the ministry of Liu Bao Church for over two decades.  James met Ai Hua many years ago and, I think, 5 years ago they were married.  They continue to serve in Liu Bao and are about to finish a small group study of Directions in the coming month.

I asked them a couple of months ago, if they would like to lead  Compass (Discipleship II) groups in other churches in the future, and they were interested.  We have been meeting several times a month to review the material in preparation of them leading the Taizhong Holiness Church.  Well this week they will join this church family and lead them through the material.  I will continue to prep them and often join them as they lead.

Pray for their understanding of our Lord and His Word to be strengthened in the coming year.  Pray for their ability to clearly help others through this study.  Pray for their safety and protection from our adversary.

12/08 Taichung Prison Directions Groups (Update)


Today, returned to the Prison on my own, Pastor Zhong was visiting a relative who had recently come out of surgery.  The first group, 5 men, lead their own small  fellowship.  They have been empowered.  I think they started lesson five, the Word of God.  I lead the new group (9 men) and reviewed being born again.  Today, we had two men accept Christ as their Savior.  (Mr. Wu, and Mr. Chen)  Praise the Lord.

The lord is proving that these men can lead their own groups.  We are looking forward to more fruit in the future, but more importantly, showing them how to know Him.

Pray for this ministry as it begins to mature.  Pray for the men, as they clearly begin to understand God’s will for their lives.