02/21 Liu Bao Group #1 (Update)

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You have seen a lot of posts concerning the Directions groups at Liu Bao Church.  But there is something you should know, the original one was started by my long time friend James.  The first person I met in Taiwan back in 1998.

James has been at the church for a long time and knows the importance of the mentoring process.  Now he is leading a Worship Team small group of about 10+ individuals.  Praise the Lord.  They are using the Directions book as a weekly devotional/study and it is working out well.  They will be starting the Lesson on Gifts soon.

Pray for James his wife Ai Hua as the host and lead this group.  Pray for lives to be changed and new generations of mentors to grow out of this small group.  Keep up the Good work James/Ai Hua.  May the Lord reward you mightily.   


02/21 Liu Bao Church Small Group #4 (Update)

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We met today at Mr. and Mrs. Yang house for lunch and some Bible time.  They are fairly new believers and are preparing for their Baptisms this April 5th.  I met Mr. Yang on Tuesday night in the Liu Bao Tuesday night small group.  But because of his wife’s recent surgery, we meet when our schedules are open.  During the new year break we have had extra time to meet.

Pray for this couple, that they get a secure foothold in their belief before their Baptism.  Pray for their continued understanding of who they are in Christ.  

12/24 Merry Christmas

2014 Taiwan Christmas w word

It’s that time of year again.  The Lord has blessed us through you in so many ways.  The children’s song tells us to count your blessings one by one.

Blessing number one:  The year began with Jami’s surgery.  Praise the Lord through this time you all prayed her to health.  We were very grateful for the support from Graceway.  They provided our very own home health provider Stacy Blahnik.  A lot of people made sacrifices for this to happen including her family and we are grateful for the testimony of Christ in their selfless giving.

Blessing number two: We connected with a Church in Nan Tou.  Pastor Wang and Deacon Chen took on the responsibility to lead a Directions group in their local church.  This Church is on track, and has the vision of preparing people to prepare people.  We are grateful for the testimony of Christ in their like-mindedness.

Blessing number three:  Sunday Night Outreach birthing small groups.  Though this outreach has been up and running for a few years, it continues to amaze me how the Lord uses these to initiate new Directions groups.  We are grateful for the testimony of Christ in their commitment.

Blessing number four:  Lu Gang Baptist Church small groups:  This relationship was built through a connection from the Sunday Night Outreach.  The door was open to go in and help them during a time without leadership.  They continue to persevere even during times of attack.  We are grateful for the testimony of Christ in their faithfulness.

Blessing number five:  Abiding fruit:  This year we have seen the Lord working in those who have come under our sphere of Ministry in the Past.  Starting with Yuan Lin Small group through the leadership of Jerald,  to Candy visiting the mainland and introducing the Discipleship ministry to unknown church, and seeing Raymond return to Taichung to be an important part of our ministry as well as working with a new church start.  We are grateful for the testimony of Christ in their running the race.

Blessing number six:  New Pastoral connections:  The Lord has opened door for future Pastoral relationships.  I personally look forward to see how your family interacts with new relationships in the future.  We are grateful for the testimony of Christ in His provided open doors.

Blessing number seven:  American Life Camp 2014:  The Lord continues to allow us to present the gospel to students from NUTC on a yearly basis.  But more importantly, it is through participating churches such as Cornerstone and Pastor Duane that the real work is being done.  Pastors and church members come and truly see the need and better understanding the work that needs to be completed.  They come and do the work for us, allowing Christ to shine through their participation in the camps.  We are grateful for the testimony of Christ in their participation.

Blessing number eight:  Fellowship with our home family:  We were allowed to come home and connect with supporting churches through a summer camp.  The camp sponsored by two of our supporting churches (Midtown and Harvest) was a great time to be recharged and loved only in a way the Word of God can do through believers.  We are grateful for the testimony of Christ in all the individuals we worshiped with, met with and prayed with.

Blessing number nine: Tan Zi New Church Start:  The Lord has allowed us this year to be knit together with Pastor Zhong and leaders of his new work which have allowed us personally to grow in our understanding of the field we are in.  We are grateful for the testimony of Christ in the fellowship of believers here in Taiwan.

Blessing number ten:  Community connections:  The Lord has created connections with the community we are in by allowing us to offer our abilities.  Teaching English is an awesome way to reach those who may never have the opportunity to hear the gospel.  From local Junior Highs and City Senior highs to area community centers, the Lord continues to enlarge our exposure to the city of Taichung.  We are grateful for the testimony in Christ in providing venues of gospel presentation.

Blessing number eleven:  Our support TEAM and its leaders:  Jim and Jackie have had our back for some time now.  For all of those who pray for the blessing we receive.  You know who you are.  We are thankful for your effort and the behind the scenes work you do.  We are grateful for the testimony in Christ that is reflected through you.

Blessing number twelve:  Our Daughter Abbey:  It is a lot to ask your children to grow up in a country different from their own.  Abbey is a bright light in a dark world.  She has had the right attitude and is doing very well.  We are grateful for the testimony in Christ in a child who is our friend.

We are blessed by all of you:  We cannot complete the plan God has for our lives here in Taiwan without all of you.  We are grateful for the testimony of Christ in you for being coworkers and fellow laborers in Him.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year:

May the Lord Bless you as he has blessed us.

The Heckmans, Jami, Abbey and Marc.

12/04 Abbey is now a Teenager (We are Blessed)

2014-12-04 (8) small

Abbey turned 13 today.  She has been a blessing to us, and has been a great source of encouragement.  We love her a lot.

She is still attending Chinese public school and is doing well with her studies.  She is in 7th grade.

Her fellow students decorated the classroom and took her out for a tea.  She is well liked and is a fighter for the under privileged.

Pray for her continued effort in school.  Pray that God will use her in a way that is glorifying to himself.

12/02 Taichung Agricultural Vocational School (New Connection)

2014-12-04 (2)

Jami and I had the opportunity to speak to 14 class (40+ per class) of Junior High students in an area vocational school.  We played games, sang songs and presented the birth of Christ story.

2014-12-02 (2)

We made some connections with teachers who have an interest in learning more English through our Sunday night outreach.

2014-12-04 (1)

Though we were planting seeds, Pray for the students hearts to receive what they learned.  Pray for more opportunities to connect with them in the future.  

10/10 Liu Bao Church (Update)

On 10/19 Pastor Li has given me time to preach.  My message will be our responsibility to preach the Gospel and mentor other individuals.  This will be a great time to begin laying the foundation of a solid mentoring ministry in our local body.

James has already been laying some foundational work mentoring the worship team members.  There are several who are faithful and I am sure when the time comes willing.

Jami and I are prepared to take this on.  Our local church is dear to us.

Be praying for clarity of vision.  Pray to unite our heart with the leadership of the church.  Pray of my time of preaching, seasoned with salt.

10/08 Family Influence (Raymond and Candy)

2014-10-05 (9)

Jami (left front) sent me this picture this week.  She took it while we were on a road trip to Ping Dong.  A fun picture, right?  Raymond (back left) and Candy (back center) and Abbey (back right) have been a part of our lives for many years.  Jami and I have invested a lot of time into all of them.

Jami has been connecting with a lot of area people through her own unique way.  She swaps ESL time for Chinese time building relationships for the future.  She has been an important part of the Sunday night outreach and we work together through Liu Bao reaching area Gong Ming Junior High school students with English.  She steps in when no others will.  She takes up the slack much better than I can.   A sure blessing.

Raymond has just finished his military service and is moving back to Taichung.  He has already found a job, recruiting teachers.  He will serve with Peter and Nancy Gillespie on Sunday morning.  He has also told me he will help with a Yuan Lin youth work every Saturday.  When we can find time, we will start to come through Discipleship II.

Candy has spent the last four or five months in Mainland China helping churches with their youth.  Her ministry is to help churches encourage their young people to connect with the word of God through various methods.  She has also introduced Directions to almost ten different churches.  She will be returning to mainland soon to continue her effort.

Abbey is now in Junior High.  This week she got braces.  Abbey has helped with the Sunday night outreach for many years.  She connects with students the way only she can.  She is also part of the youth groups at Liu Bao.  When we are not in another church, we are at Liu Bau.

All of us have been part of the summer camps for many years and follow up on students when the opportunity comes.

Be praying for all of us as we continue to allow God to work through us.  Pray that our efforts are fruitful.  Pray for others to see Christ in us.  Pray for our continued team work.

10/01 Taichung South District (Update)

This Saturday at 8:30 AM I will continue an ESL Outreach to interested non-believers.  Last week I took a break due to Abbey commitments.  This week I will be back.

After the ESL we will continue a new small group at 10:00. Currently there are 6 in attendance coming from Baptist, Lutheran, and Presbyterian churches.  People really do want to know the truth.

Pray for the ESL attendees as they hear more about the Bible.  Pray for the small group members as they learn more about their walk with God. 

09/28 Liu Bao Youth (Update)

2014-09-28 (7) small

This is the second time this year we have had Sunday school teachers and the youth group meet together to explore new teaching techniques.  Many of these techniques come from SYME and have been very helpful in changing the way they go about there own ministries.  In the back group you can see Joanne, who has been leading the youth for about a year.  She is doing a great job.  Abbey is part of this fellowship.

Pray for Joanne’s ministry as she continues to invest into the young peoples lives.  Pray for her co-workers (Shinny, Emma, Simon, Cindy) who also share in the responsibility.  Pray for their discernment and wisdom in dealing with the young people. 

Pray for the Sunday school teachers as they incorporate translated versions of Heavenbound into the Sunday school time.

09/28 Liu Bao Church (Update)

2014-09-28 (4) small

This morning at Liu Bao Church they baptized seven souls.  It was a great time of fellowship and a lot of the family members were there to visit.  Everyone joins in during this time of celebration.  Following the service they will also have a meal.

2014-09-28 (6) small

The Pastor Li (in the Baptismal) and his wife Shao (left) are doing a great job.  They are focused on evangelism and mentoring.  The church has changed in a great way under their leadership.  They are open to change that will accomplish the task of the Great Commission.

Pray for their ministry as they continue to build Liu Bao.  Pray for their leadership as well as desire to see other join in the work.  Pray for their health and protection.